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Do you want to help you child to overcome learning difficulties using a simple online programme? Then the Learning Success System might just be the method for you. With at least 20% of children suffering from one form of learning difficulty you child could very well be one of them!

What is The Learning Success System?

The Learning Success System uses a multi-disciplinary approach to overcoming a learning difficulty because the believe that there is no single answer to problem. It takes advantage of new findings in neuroscience as well as tried and true techniques developed in the field by teachers educational therapists.

Their main strategy is divided into three parts:

Strategy 1 - Calm the emotions

Just like adults, children find it difficult, to impossible, to learn when under stress. This can manifest itself in a number of ways - tantrums, defiance, depression or avoidance etc, and so without taking into account these emotions learning will be hard to impossible.

Strategy 2 - Incorporate the body

Learning Success Systems believe that learning happens "from the outside in" and so you can not isolate learning to just the mind. To develop our brain we must develop our body

Strategy 3 - Build up the fundamental skills of learning

Learning is a combination of small skills, even if we don't think about them. If you try and jump into learning without thinking of all the smaller skills involved in the task you can end up fighting an uphill battle that you can not win.

What is involved?

This educational therapy system sends daily emails with new exercises to try out with your child.

These exercises may have a video tutorial or activity and a PDF file to accompany the video which explains the exercise as well as having "worksheets" to download.

Activities are fun and far away from textbook learning - one day they might be doing Pencil Pushups - to help strengthen eye muscles (weak eye muscles can cause problems with poor tracking or letters jumping around as well as causing headaches or nausea). The next day you might have some worksheets to print out to find the differences between b's and d's.

There is also a forum that has lots of support from fellow parents, adults with learning difficulties and experts in the field with lots of experience. 

Want to win?

Do you want a complete Learning Success System (a year long course)? Then enter here:

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Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


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