How to turn tears into smiles - five top tips!

Don't you just love it when the weather brightens up and all your little one wants to do it play outside. Okay I know this may happen in winter too (it does here) but the joy of being able to stand and play with your child and not feel like you are going to freeze is something special.

Both kids love being outside, come rain or shine, which inevitably leads to many minor scrapes and cuts. Whether it is tripping up by running too fast, falling off their bike or scooter, or running into something it is not uncommon to have to wipe up tears, give a healing hug and encourage more playing. Of course having some special plasters is also a good trick to soothe a child, especially if they have some of their favourite characters on them.

We try and get outside no matter what the weather and most days end up going out for an hour or more for a walk, on their scooters or M goes on her bike. Somedays we go to the park, others we play in the garden. Of course living in Scotland means we often go puddle jumping!

Luckily we live in the country and are minutes away from some lovely woodland walks, nature trails and just a few miles from the beach so we have loads of places to explore with the kids. Just letting the kids run around and explore their world for themselves.

How to turn tears to smiles! Five top tips

Of course no matter how much fun a child can be having there will be times where there are more tears then smiles after they fall and hurt themselves.
  • Give a hug
Sometimes just a simple hug is all your child needs to make them feel better and to get back up onto their feet to play.
  • Have some fun plasters
I know M loves to have a novelty plaster, so much so that a "sore" bit tends to stay "sore" for a bit longer than necessary so that she can get a plaster! Just putting on a princess plaster makes her forget that she has hurt herself (until she looks a week later and realises she needs another plaster). She will forget the pain but will show everyone who walks past her Princess Plaster (Frozen plasters from Elastoplast).
  • Make playing seem even more exciting
Have they fallen off their bike and don't want to get back on? Make it a game. Can you cycle faster than daddy and beat him to the tree? Did they fall when running? Can you jump higher than mummy and jump all the way over to the lamppost?

  • Distract them
Sometimes making them forget something has happened helps. Start a treasure hunt - find 5 cones, 3 sticks and a buttercup. Can they see any rabbits, deers or birds? Which tree is the biggest.

  • Give a treat
OK so we all know that sometimes the only way to wipe a frown off a face when your little one has had a bump is to give a wee treat. That could be a small chocolate, an ice-cream, some stickers. Nothing fancy but often the only way to help them feel better.

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Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.

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