Baby Nails - a safe way to trim nails

I don't know about you but one of the scariest things about having to look after a baby if when it comes to cutting their finger nails. With M we managed to avoid the task as her uncle was roped into doing it when he visited but she soon started to jump every time you tried to take scissors to her nails. Even in her sleep she just knew what was happening and would hide her hands under her tummy so you could not do it.

Thankfully F was a bit easier to do than M and has on the whole let you cut his nails with no fuss.

Little O has had a different experience. Instead of cutting his fingernails we have been reviewing a clever little product called Baby Nails.
Easy, safe and you can do it whilst feeding your baby
Baby Nails is an easy way to keep your baby nails short by applying a nailfile pad on a "Thumble" and then simply file your baby's nails. Simple and safe.

We have not had to use scissors since
The first time I tried this I was a bit disappointed as O's nails were just too soft and bended instead of filed (he was only two days old). I waited a few more days and tried again and this time it worked a treat. I did as they suggested and cut his nails short as they were really long and then filed them down short. No fuss, no danger. Since then we have had no need to use scissors as his nails are kept short and filing alone does the trick. The best thing is you can do then when feeding (bottle or breast) and I have done it numerous times when he is sleeping too. There is no fighting to get them to sit still, and amazingly, no worry about them jumping as you know you won't cause them any harm.

The Thumble fitted well on both me and hubby and works well if you have long nails too. I even used it on my index finger as well.

One thing I liked about this is that you don't get any sharp nails from cutting them at an odd angle - oh and it can be handy for adult nails too if you have a jaggy nail.

I have used it on my one and three year old as well and it took the worry out of cutting them too.
There are three types of grit which you can choose to suit your baby
The babyfile pads come in different grit types for newborn, 3 months plus and 6 months plus. These are just recommended ages and you can choose which ever is best for your baby. I was given a starter pack (RRP £9.99) which had 10 pads of each type as well as a Thumble. Each pad is estimated to last for one application though can last longer or maybe less time depending. I found that lasting more than once wasn't too much of an option because the stickiness of the pad didn't last and they didn't stay on the Thumble. You can buy spare nailfile pads (15 pack) for £3.49.

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We were given a starter pack of Baby Nails in exchnage for an honest review. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

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