Bladder weakness as a new mum - it's normal

If you have had a child I am sure you will be familiar with having light bladder weakness at some point during your pregnancy or following childbirth. You are certainly not alone. Indeed a whopping 92% of woman have confessed to it.

It is normal. It happens. Yet it appears that it is still very taboo - 74% of mums claim that their midwife did not broad the subject of bladder weakness with them. I was one if the lucky ones and was told about doing pelvic floor exercises as weak pelvic floor muscles is one of the most common reason for bladder weakness in pregnancy.

Since being pregnant I have had a weaker bladder. The weight of a baby pushing down on your bladder. A not so nice effect of being pregnant. Wondering if my waters had gone or if I had leaked urine? I hated that part of pregnancy. Even now 4 months after having my third baby there are times when a sneeze might make me cross my legs to try and prevent a leak. Even after have three c-sections I can still have a whoops moment.

Despite it being so common it is not something I would feel able to talk to other people about openly. Even discussing it with medical professionals would take some effort. 

You are not alone! Listen to real mums talk about how having children has affected them and their experience with light bladder weakness.

Have you suffered a weaker bladder since having children? Don't suffer in silence. It is good to talk and you will probably find that you are far from alone. 

To make you feel more comfortable why not try out Lights by TENA with FeelFresh Technology that locks away moisture and odour so quickly that you can shrug of little leaks.

Have you suffered from a weaker bladder since having children?

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Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.

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