Breastfeeding support in first hour

Breastfeeding doesn't have to be painful. Yup I know, I can't believe I wrote that either, especially after the pain I felt when trying to feed F. Thankfully when I had O things clicked into place more and I knew how to get a better position.

Now I write this as someone who has been passionate about breastfeeding and was gutted when I had to use formula with M and F. I never imagined being a formula feeder but it was that or leave them starving and ill. It was what was best for them and for my mental health too. I tried and it did not work out for various reasons but I had to try again each time in the hope that I could manage.

With F by the end of day 1 my nipples were cracked and bleeding. From them on I just had so much pain. Toe curling pain. So, so much pain. I cried so much, I stopped. I started again, I got mastitis. I cried some more. I expressed. A lot. I then slowly moved to formula, struggling with guilt as I did so.

With O I went in more prepared. I didn't so as I did with F when I just accepted the pain and carried on. With O if it hurt I stopped and repositioned. It often took longer to reposition him than he fed for. I got so much help from midwives and I could not praise them more for the help. Unlike M and F where they left you to it after birth (c-sections in my case). You were in a room, alone, with a new baby, no idea what you were doing and expected to feed. What a struggle. With O I had a planned section, rather than emergency, and got a midwife assigned to me who stayed after the birth to help with feeding. What a difference this made. As soon as baby was handed to me we started to try and feed. Supported. More confident and so much help with position.

At one point I did get slight pain in nipples but I recognised it quickly, changed position (and often the hold I was using) and it went away as quickly as it came.

I honestly feel I have managed to feed O exclusively for over 4 months now due to this support. For being more prepared before hand and for never hesitating to ask for help. Of course there will be plenty of woman who can feed with ease, never needing help but just to know that there is help there if needed would be amazing. To have that time straight after birth where you are not left alone and that your midwife sits and helps if needed. Amazing.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.

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