My child is terrified of Santa... help!

Wow! It feels like forever since I managed to sit down and write. I hardly ever get the chance at the moment. With three kids, three and under, I guess finding the chance is almost impossible and when I do have a minute I am found painting an decorating.

It is now December and nursery have been preparing for Christmas for a while, meaning M is sky high about it all. She sings Christmas songs, has been waiting for Santa to deliver her kinetic sand and a pink rolling pin (which she has been waiting for since summer).

In previous years she has not been at all keen to speak to Santa but last year she almost warmed to him once he handed over her present. She has spoken about it a lot since then so we hoped she might be okay about it this year.

We went to her school's Christmas fayre and immediately asked to go and see Santa (we had not looked into grottos yet), we said no as we didn't think she would but she insisted so went with it. Off we went. Following his foot prints, doing some crafts in his grotto and then... tears. So many tears. She would not even get as close as the door of the grotto - of course F picked up on this and he too screamed in terror. It was so bad that we did not even get a photo this year. Not even a novelty one!

I have since tried to put on Christmas videos. She tried the Christmas PNP video from Santa and to say she was petrified of it is an understatement. Just a glimpse of Santa on the TV, whether it is a cartoon Santa or a real Santa she shakes at the sight of him.

How, oh how, do we make her less scared of him? She wants to be excited and she is until she thinks that Santa is coming down the chimney that night then you can see she is getting anxious.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.

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