Disney on Ice was AMAZING!

Tonight we were lucky enough to be invited along to Aberdeen to watch Disney on Ice's Worlds of Enchantment show at the AECC where we got a special meet and greet with Mickey before the show. I would love to share some pictures of the kids hugging Mickey or even being within a few metres of him but sadly they were both a bit too frightened of him and the best he got was a small wave from the back of the room. This was not a reflection of the event and luckily this didn't put Fraser off and although Molly asked to go back to the car (she is terrified of Santa and Mickey Mouse it would seem) the promise of seeing Anna and Elsa was enough for her realise that they ice show was going to be fun.

Thankfully the minute the first skaters came into the rink Molly had forgotten that she wanted to go to the car and was very quickly off her seat and dancing along to the skaters from the Fit to Dance routine. Then on came Mickey and she decided he was the best thing ever, blew kisses to him and waved happily. 

I had worried that going to the show, which started at 6.30pm (half an hour after bed time), might be a bit much for two tired kids but the lights, the sounds, the sights and the music kept them entertained. Both kids spent very little time sitting watching the show, instead they danced and sung to songs. At the start of the show they announced that singing and dancing was encouraged which put our minds to ease as I doubt we could have got Fraser (2.5years) to sit for more than 20 minutes and he would have got upset but being allowed to dance (and there is plenty of space for little ones to dance without causing a disturbance).

Old favourites Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck did a quick routine and Molly thought it was hilarious when Goofy tripped and fell a couple of time.

Next up was Toy Story. Molly could not believe there was a pig on the ice when Hamm skated on and then when Slinky Dog came on her mouth just fell open.

Fraser loved the Toy Soldiers especially when one parachuted into the rink. They both loved when Rex came on, roaring with excitement.

It was not the turn of The Little Mermaid. The colours were amazing, do bright and vibrant. Of course Molly's eyes glistened with excitement about seeing a real mermaid and one that was ice skating no less! It was so exciting that she had to ask if she was going to nursery tomorrow so she could tell her teachers about it.

There was then an interval which I think the kids needed. Just to get a bit of a walk and a drink. By now Molly had asked about 100 times when Anna and Elsa were coming on but the minute Mater drove onto the stage she forgot about them and loved seeing Cars on ice. Fraser loved this part of the show. Mouth open he watches as Mater, Sally Carrera and, oh WOW, Lightning McQueen whizzed around the rink. Even when some sparks and bangs happened he was fine (he is unsure of fireworks and loud bangs). In fact he just gasped with joy when a few crackers went off.

Now came the bit they were both waiting for. Frozen! Singing as loud as they could and dancing with enthusiasm they watched as they heroes skates across the rink. They had waited so patiently for them to come on and I am glad Frozen came at the end as it meant that when they got tired they still had something so exciting to look forward to.

They loved the snow, the characters just everything about it, especially Olaf. If you could just bottle up the joy they expressed it would be amazing.

Disney on Ice World of Enchantment is in Aberdeen until Sunday (May 6) and there is still a chance to get tickets. You will not be disappointed. For more information or to find out how to purchase tickets visit Disney On Ice.

We were gifted tickets to the show in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are ours and ours alone.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.

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